Moonlighting Series: Spin Instructor Neily Hickey

At Litco Law, we’re a team of A players— and that means that many of our amazing colleagues have impressive side hustles. From fitness to fashion and everything in between, the Litco Law family does it all… and we’re so proud to show off what our team does outside the 9-5! Today, the spotlight is on Neily Hickey, Case Manager at Litco Law and Spin Instructor at Mode Fitness Studio. 

Neily has always loved fitness, so it’s no surprise that she’s right at home among the disco balls, lights, and music of the spin studio. After attending various classes for years, she thought she would take it to the next level and teach! Fast forward two years, and she still feels like a new person when she coaches her class. From the connection of the riders to the feeling of community, Neily thrives off the high-paced, “pedal-to-the-metal” environment.  

While we love her for her Case Manager skills, Neily’s instructor side is also a huge asset in our books. This gal is always pushing herself and others to get to that next level— whether it’s in client care or athletics— and we love her for it. So if you’re like us and want to sweat it out with Neily, make sure to check out Mode Fitness Studio! They have classes outdoors and online, so not even quarantine can prevent you from getting those endorphins going. We’ll catch you out there on the bikes… but in the meantime, make sure to hit our blog for more doses of the dynamic Litco Law team! 

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