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We value your partnership with us! Litco Law is offering special pricing to your clients on our Real Estate services (see pricing below*). Just use this form to submit your client’s information, and we will take it from there! A member of our team will contact you within 24 business hours to confirm your request. .

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A Timeless Will is used to protect their investment. All Timeless Will's come with unlimited changes for life.

Partner Pricing

Sale of a Property$900 + GST
Sale of Property and Timeless WillTM$1,550 (individual or partner) + GST
Purchase with Mortgage$1,250 + GST
Sale and Purchase of a Property$2,100 + GST
Sale and Purchase and Timeless WillTM$2,700 (individual or partner) + GST
Purchase without Mortgage$1,200 + GST
Purchase with Mortgage and Timeless WillTM$1,900 (individual or partner) + GST
Purchase without Mortgage and Timeless WillTM$1,850 (individual or partner) + GST
Mortgage or Refinancing$1,150 + GST
Mortgage or Refinancing and Timeless WillTM$1,800 (individual or partner) + GST
Transfer Only$700 + GST
Transfer Only and Timeless WillTM$1,350 (individual or partner) + GST
Rush Files$100 + GST
Real Property Reports $725 + GST