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litwiniuk May 22, 2015 The proud partnership between Litwiniuk & Company and SAIT continues.  Litwiniuk team members were on hand for the annual end-of-practicum party for students at SAIT’s Legal Assistant program.  This year the firm provided practicum experience for 2 of the program’s finest: Alina Leasenco and Kathleen Buskell.  Kathleen, a summer student, has just completed her first year of the 2-year program, and will be at Litwiniuk & Company through August 2015 gaining valuable real-world experience.  Alina completed her 4-week final practicum at the firm, and was promptly offered a full-time job as a Pre-litigation Legal Assistant.
From left: Alina Leasenco, Kathleen Buskell, Kristen Au
From left: Alina Leasenco, Kathleen Buskell, Kristen Au
“We love our SAIT students, and Alina and Kat are no exception,” says Fredric Litwiniuk, the firm’s Director of Business development and Marketing. “We always find them so well-prepared for the practical aspects of the job, and that’s where the SAIT program excels: giving the students the theoretical basis, but also the actual skills and the ability to apply them.  We’re really grateful to Karyn [Kraemer, Academic Chair] and Linda [Gardner, Practicum Coordinator] for all of their hard work, and for sending us such excellent candidates.” Fredric, Alina, and Kathleen were not the only members of the Litwiniuk team at the party; Managing Partner Todd Litwiniuk and COO Kristen Au were also in attendance.   The annual party is not only a celebration for the students, but also an opportunity for them to connect with industry leaders and supporters of the program.

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