Litwiniuk and Company Spotlight: Arsaima Sultan | Litwiniuk and Company

Hello and welcome back to our Litwiniuk & Company Spotlight, where we take the time to recognize a phenomenal Litwiniuk team member!

Arsaima Sultan

This time, our spotlight is shining on Arsaima Sultan, Client Care Specialist at Litwiniuk & Company Personal Injury Lawyers. Arsaima joined Litwiniuk as a Client Intake Specialist in 2017, before making a move to our Client Care Department in January of 2019. Since then, she’s made a name for herself by going above-and-beyond to provide the dependable, accessible, and friendly support that our injured clients rely on after an accident.

A Force for Positivity

Arsaima is well-known by our team for the unshakable optimism, great energy, limitless enthusiasm, and exceptional work ethic that she brings to the firm every day. Whether she’s taking care of an injured client or working with a fellow team member, she makes it her personal mission to solve complex problems and make life easier for everyone—all with a smile on her face!

Her work ethic extends far beyond her assigned role, however. Arsaima’s strong sense of compassion and empathy mean that she’s always ready to go the distance and lend a hand whenever she’s needed by fellow team members, even if her plate is full of tasks. From helping with efficiencies in our internal processes, to utilizing her fluency in French to translate for French-speaking clients, to making time to train other team members—if Arsaima’s helping out, you can bet that whatever it is will be a success. For her, every challenge is a chance to bring the team closer together, and we all benefit from this awesome outlook.

Why Litwiniuk & Company?

When asked about her favourite aspect of working at Litwiniuk & Company, Arsaima points to the close bond she shares with our other team members. According to her, the firm feels like a such a close family that going on vacation is bittersweet—because she misses the team so much!

Fun Facts

  • Hobbies: Listening to great music—especially the throwbacks!
  • Proudest Achievement: Receiving her Global French certificate, verifying her ability to work in bilingual professional environments across the world. 
  • Passion: Taking any opportunity to spend time with and support her friends and family.

Fantastic job, Arsaima! Your hard work, positive attitude, and commitment to the team haven’t gone unnoticed, and we’re confident that you’ll continue to inspire all of us at the firm. 

Watch for our next Litwiniuk & Company Spotlight for your chance to meet another exceptional Litwiniuk team member! Can’t wait? Check out our previous employee spotlight here.

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