Litco Loves Una

We’re not only about the legal advice, sometimes we have tips on things to do and eat. We’re going to be sharing some of our favourite local places to eat and shop around Calgary and Edmonton with our Litco Loves series. First up, pizza.

We’ve been around for a while now. Over 45 years to be exact. In that amount of time you could say we’ve learned a few things, and surprisingly they’re not all related to law. We love Alberta and we love the communities we work in. A huge perk for us is getting to dine in or from one of our many great local restaurants. One of our top, desert-island list pizza places has got to be Una Pizza + Wine.

Una’s been around for over a decade and has become a hallmark of 17th avenue. Una also has their own vision when it comes to making a neighbourhood better. They wanted to create a place with a friendly atmosphere and focus on quality and local ingredients. The wine list is thoughtful and they work with producers who keep it small and special. Una also spends a bunch time and energy trying to make Calgary a better place, check their Community Highlights on Instagram to learn more. As things open back up a bit, grab a pizza to stay or to go and maybe one of their famous kale salads. Trust us, it’ll be a slice!

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