5 Good News Stories From May That Will Brighten Your Day

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It’s easy to lose track of the good—especially with a pandemic causing added stress to everyday life— but here at Litco Law, we believe that kindness can change the world. That’s exactly why we’ve made a list of the best good news from the past month… because if there’s one thing this caring team is good at, it’s spreading smiles (and free legal answers, of course!). Keep reading for 5 amazing things that happened this May. Let the warm fuzzies begin!

New study finds that 146 million acres of forest have regrown naturally across the globe

According to a new World Wildlife Fund study, we’re getting some of our greenage back! Over the past 20 years, so many forests have regenerated worldwide that they could fill up France. Best part? These regenerated forests in northern Mongolia, Canada, central Africa, and Brazil could absorb the equivalent of 5.9 gigatons of carbon dioxide, which is more than the U.S. emits every year. 

Toddler without hands finds soulmate in puppy without a paw

A Vancouver family shared a heartwarming story this month, as they found the perfect companion for their 2-year-old daughter, Ivy McLeod. Born without hands, Ivy’s ‘fins’ set her apart from her friends. However, she met her match in Lucky— a tiny puppy who was born without a paw (and with a special ‘fin’, too!). The family is waiting to officially take Lucky home, but they hope the little angel will help Ivy understand that different is beautiful. Consider our hearts melted. 

Three Canadian couples celebrate over 55 years of love

If you’re a Notebook fan, you’ll melt for these Ontario love stories. Three couples in long-term senior care facilities have beaten the odds this past month, and they say their romances are strong as ever. Adele and Ivan Lymar have been together 71 years. Meanwhile, the Taylors — Edward and Maggie — have been sweethearts for 67 years. And finally, Maria and João Catarino have danced through almost 6 decades of marriage.

12-year-old prodigy graduates high school and college in same month

Mike Wimmer from Salisbury, North Carolina is blowing minds! The teen celebrated some huge milestones this month, as he graduated from high school and college as of May 21. Safe to say that we can expect some huge things from this prodigy, as he’s already created his own startup named Reflect Social!

Paralyzed man uses ‘mindwriting’ brain computer to write sentences

A paralyzed man in California found new hope this past month, as he wrote sentences using a computer system that turned imagined handwriting into words. Though the 60-year-old had lost all movement below his neck, groundbreaking technology allowed him to write 18 words a minute with over 94% accuracy. This is the first time scientists have created sentences from brain activity linked to handwriting!

There you have it, folks! Even though things may seem hard, remember—there is always a good story to be found. And you always have friends (like Litco Law!) to help you through the worst days. So whether you’re in need of an uplifting story or free legal answers, we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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