Core Value Champion: Natalie Brosh

At Litco Law, we believe that client happiness is a direct reflection of our team. That’s why we created a set of core values – Own It, Empathy, Kindness, Ask Why, Don’t Blame – that define who we are as a company and how we work together as a team. Our core values shape our culture and inspire us to grow better together.

This quarter, we’re celebrating an outstanding member of the team who is a shining example of our core values in everything she does— Natalie Brosh, our People and Culture Specialist. If you’ve personally met Natalie, you already know just how awesome she is. And if you haven’t, keep reading to get to know a little more about her & our core values!

Core Value – Own It: You make a difference by doing great things every single day, no matter how big or small, that make a positive impact on someone else. 

“Natalie is a shining example of an A-player. There’s been many instances where she’s naturally fallen into a leadership role, and she does it so gracefully.”

“Natalie does everything with so much poise and professionalism. She is inspiring to work with.”

“She never hesitates to jump in and take ownership on a wide variety of projects and assignments that are important for the company.”

Core Value – Empathy: Walk the mile and take the extra step by understanding what someone is going through and doing something to help them. 

“Natalie is a ray of sunshine and always a pleasure to be around and talk to. She makes others feel supported and important. She is empathetic and kind in her role and demonstrates these values daily.”

“She is incredibly kind, empathetic, and goes the extra mile every single day. She is a true joy to be around, and she spreads that joy with everyone she comes into contact with.”

“Natalie is a great listener and someone who you can reach out to for anything!”

Core Value – Empathy: Walk the mile and take the extra step by understanding what someone is going through and doing something to help them. 

“Natalie is an absolute pleasure to work with, and the most genuine human. She is so open and kind, and is amazing at her job. I certainly look up to her, both professionally and personally.”

“I could listen to her “facilitate” our Train the Trainer sessions all day. She is so kind, encouraging, and engaging.”

“Every single interaction I’ve had with Natalie has been filled with kindness.”

Core Value – Ask Why: Challenge the status quo by not being afraid to ask the tough questions in order to find ways to improve and grow as a company and as individuals. 

“Natalie challenges the status quo by always looking for or working on new opportunities for our team’s growth and owns it by bringing these ideas to life! Thank you for everything you do.”

“She consistently looks for the “why” behind what we do and searches for ways to do those things even better. Natalie consistently asks questions and encourages her teammates to ask them too.”

“Natalie always looks for opportunities to take our processes from good to great!”

Core Value – Don’t Blame: Point the finger at yourself by holding yourself accountable to how you contributed to a situation and focus on finding a solution rather than laying blame. 

“The way Natalie provides constructive feedback and encourages us to think from different perspectives while also creating a safe space for others to open up is very admirable.”

“Natalie leads with understanding and empathy, and I couldn’t imagine her pointing the finger at anyone!”

“Natalie is an incredible example of our core values, leading with warmth and caring even in challenging situations.

We’re incredibly grateful to have Natalie on the team, inspiring us all to be the very best version of ourselves. Thanks for everything you do!!

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